Naturalistic paths

Naturalistic paths

Naturalistic paths

Geological Trail Stones and Water

What you will see: Bridge of San Brancato, humpback Romanesque style, which was used to cross the creek Mandarins. Pizzo S. Otiero you can see remains of columns; here, in fact there was a stone quarry "Lumachella" from which Dolbilina twelve monolithic columns of the Cathedral Church of Petralia Sottana. Source Catarratti, one of Sicily's most important north-central and later the eponymous hydroelectric plant, still working, magnificent expression of "industrial archeology" of the early twentieth century.

Abies Nebrodensis

What you will see: Vallone Madonna degli Angeli, here are the little more than 20 plants of fir (Abies) local, unique in the world and considered endangered, all meticulously cataloged and protected, easily recognizable by the behavior of the foliage bell, and dall'assetto twigs arranged in a cross.

Trail Monuments of Nature of Pomieri

What you will see: Along the way rise imposingly three magnificent specimens: an oak, a maple and sycamore. There is talk of trees that have several hundred years, several meters in diameter and more than twenty meters high.

Madonna dell'Alto - Monte San Salvatore

What you will see: Marian Shrine of Madonna Dell'Alto the fifteenth century, the breathtaking view that allows us to admire the mountains of Etna.

Il Castello Albergo

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