The Pizza at Km 0

The Pizza at Km 0

Awarded Best Pizzeria in Sicily

Our passion for pizza is a story that begins as children within the walls of the house, with the smells and Sundays spent helping our mother in the preparation of this dish known all over the world.

Our pizza comes from a long maturation dough, with a minimum of 72 hours up to 100 hours, our blend of selected flours is composed of ancient Sicilian grains, wholemeal flour and type 0 with toasted bran, with a high hydration, the final result is a light and digestible pizza.

One of the main elements of our pizza is water, our territory is rich in water springs and that is why we have chosen to use exclusively untreated water from the Geraci Siculo spring from which the homonymous company takes its name. he bottles it, this choice is motivated by a link with our territory and our mountains.

The search for ingredients to obtain a unique pizza has been perfected by our family with the launch of the Masseria Sant'Elia farm located in Petralia Sottana, where we produce km0 vegetables exclusively with the help of animal manure, water, sun it's love.

The cultivation of seasonal vegetables used in the preparation of dishes and preserves has allowed us to obtain genuine and healthy products such as our "wholemeal" red and yellow cherry tomato puree, in which we use all the parts of the tomato where the most important substances are concentrated, i.e. the peel rich in antioxidant and anticancer substances such as lycopene, and the seeds which contain anti-inflammatory properties, through this process we are able to obtain a unique and genuine tomato puree to be savored in our pizzas.

Over the years our pizzeria has obtained various awards by participating in various editions of the world pizza championship and obtaining in 2022 the award of best Pizzeria in Sicily.

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